Benefits of Membership

Photos from the 2012 Policy Conference at the Château Laurier, Ottawa.

Networking and Education

A CAES membership offers a way to establish and maintain both professional and personal contacts within the agricultural and applied economics field. Members of the Society meet once each year at the CAES Annual Meeting to not only present research and attend sessions, but interact socially. Opportunities to network abound at our Annual Canadian Agricultural Policy Conference in January of each year. Most likely, you joined the CAES because you are interested in the economics and policies surrounding Canadian agriculture and related fields of study. Indeed, you belong with us!

Registration Discounts

Registration fees for members are often drastically less expensive than for non-members. It pays to be a member!

Cornelis van Kooten wins the Publication of Enduring Quality Award, Banff 2011.
Poster Contest Winners, Ottawa, January 2013. From left to right: Mehdi Arzandeh (3rd place), Marjaneh Aghvami (2nd place), Enoch Omololu (1st place)


The CAES takes pride in recognizing outstanding contributions of fellow colleagues, students and practitioners at the CAES Annual Meeting. CAES members are eligible to win Outstanding Journal Article and Publication of Enduring Quality awards that recognize your work. Outstanding Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation awards honor graduate students and provide incentives for exceptional graduate student research. The CAES also recognizes one or two members each year who have made outstanding continuous contributions as Fellows of the CAES.

Find past award winners with the CAES Awards Archive, a searchable database where the name of the award, the recipient and title of manuscript, etc is conveniently accessible in one place. Searching through the archive give us perspective on what CAES members have contributed to the understanding of important issues faced in the agricultural economics discipline. Some data are missing for some of the awards. If you notice that a record is not available but know what the contents should be please contact Valerie Johnson, Executive Director, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Room 360, Business and Economics Bldg, PO Box 1700, STN CSC, Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2. Fax: 866-543-7613. Email: .

Matthew Hink (left) receives Outstanding Masters Thesis Honourable Mention from Al Mussell


CAES membership includes a subscription to the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, an online only journal. CAES members access the CJAE from the Members Only section of the CAES webiste. Members may also purchase print copies of the journal at cost (currently $8 USD per issue, includes shipping).


The CAES Newsletter communicates a wealth of announcements and information about professional opportunities, submission deadlines, and news about academic departments and members. The CAES Listserv distributes more up to the minute news. Soon Facebook will offer this communication to members who are connected without tying up inboxes.

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Jim Vercammen receives his President's gift from Past-President Al Mussell, Banff 2011.


The CAES has been evolving continually since its inception over 80 years ago. Members have the opportunity to shape the direction of the CAES by serving as Councillors on the CAES Executive or as Editors of the CJAE, and by participating on committees that determine the content of meetings and workshops, determine award winners, financial direction and several other matters.