2009 Organized Symposia

The Economic Evolution of Supply Management Systems in Canada / Évolution économique des systèmes de gestion de l'approvisionnement au Canada

Organizer: Al Mussell, George Morris Centre

Moderator: Richard Barichello, UBC


  • An Economic Model of Quota Credits for Turkey Exports in Canada - Al Mussell, George Morris Centre
  • Supply Management and Niche Products: Understanding the Challenges - Harry Stoddart, Stoddart Farms; Al Mussell, George Morris Centre
  • Policies for the Evolution of Supply Management in Canada - Dave Hope, University of Guelph
  • Implication of Strategic Pricing of Milk According to End-Use Class - Anatoliy Oginskyy, George Morris Centre; Al Mussell, George Morris Centre

The Anticommons Problem and Potential Future Research (sponsored by KIS - Knowledge Impact in Society) / Problème des anti-biens communaux et recherché future

Organizers: Brady Deaton, University of Guelph, Murray Fulton, University of Saskatchewan, Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan

Moderator: Murray Fulton, University of Saskatchewan


  • Theory of the Anticommons - Brady Deaton, University of Guelph
  • Anticommons and Genetic Improvement - Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan
  • Anticommons and Canadian Railways - Murray Fulton, University of Saskatchewan

Financial Crisis and Canadian Agriculture / Crise financière et l'agriculture canadienne

Organizer: Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge

Moderator: Danny Le Roy, University of Lethbridge

Discussant: Lynn Cohoe, Homeland Grain


  • Canadian Agriculture and the Financial Crisis: Challenges for Agricultural Economists - Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge; Danny LeRoy, University of Lethbridge
  • Impact of Tight Credit Markets on Grain Marketing and Merchandising - Al Mussell, George Morris Centre; Tesfalidet Asfaha, George Morris Centre; Larry Martin, George Morris Centre
  • Impacts of the Financial Crisis on Canadian Dairy Quota Values - Rick Barichello, University of British Columbia

Innovation and the Canadian Agri-Food Sector / Innovation dans le secteur agro-alimentaire canadien

Organizer: John Cranfield, University of Guelph

Moderator: Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan

Discussant: Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan


  • Learning and the Optimal Timing of Targeted R&D Grants - Jim Vercammen, University of British Columbia
  • A Review of Research on Food Processor Innovation in Canada - Derek Brewin, University of Manitoba
  • Has the TRIPs Agreement Strengthened Protection of Intellectual Property Rights? A Dynamic Panel Investigation - Ryan Cardwell, University of Manitoba; Pascal L. Ghazalian, University of Lethbridge
  • An Analysis of Innovation in the Canadian Bioproducts Industry - Pamela Laughland, University of Guelph; John Cranfield, University of Guelph; David Sparling, University of Guelph