2008 Principal Papers

Policy, Land Values, and Urban/Rural Interactions

Moderator: Stephen Clark, Nova Scotia Agricultural College


  • Effects of Agricultural Policies on Farmland Values - [PDF] - The Manitoba Case - Jared Carlberg, University of Manitoba; Anitha Paspaporn, University of Manitoba
  • Impact of Flex versus Fixed Crop Rotations on the Wealth of the PEI Potato Sector - [PDF] - Stephen Clark, Petr Prochazka and David Thibodeau, Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Impact of Use-Value Taxation on Land Values at the Urban-Rural Fringe - Lori Lynch, University of Maryland; Qing Li, University of Maryland
  • The Effect of Strict Agricultural Zoning on Agricultural Land Values: The Case of Ontario's Greenbelt - Richard Vyn, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus; Brady Deaton, University of Guelph
  • Modeling Urban-Rural Interactions in Agricultural and Forested Landscapes - Kathleen Bell, University of Maine

What We Have Learned from Applying Market-based Concepts to Water Quality Problems: Implications for Research, Education and Policy

Moderator: Charles Abdalla, Pennsylvania State University


  • Concept to Reality: Common Myths about Water Quality Trading - Kurt Stephenson, Virginia Tech; Leonard Shabman, Resources for the Future
  • Pennsylvania's Experience with Nutrient Trading: The Challenges of Developing Markets to Meet Chesapeake Bay Clean-up Goals - Willard Delavan, Pennsylvania DEP
  • Dealing with Water Quality and More at a River Basin Scale: Experience with Trading and Other Concepts in the Willamette River Basin - Charles Abdalla, Pennsylvania State University/Oregon State University
  • Assessing Performance of Water Policies and Programs Using Market-based Concepts: Opportunities and Challenges - Doug Parker, University of Maryland

CAES Student Section

Moderator: Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan


  • An Assessment of the Commercialization Potential of Soybean Peroxidase - Filip Cahlik, University of Guelph; Getu Hailu, University of Guelph; Alfons Weersink, University of Guelph
  • Identification, Coordination and Success in a Federated Marketing System - Retail Co-operatives in Western Canada - Florentina Uzea, University of Saskatchewan, Deptartment of Bioresource Policy, Business & Economics; Murray Fulton, University of Saskatchewan
  • An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Fat Taxes: Price Effects, Food Stigma, and Information Effects on Economic Instruments to Improve Dietary Health - Ryan Lacanilao, University of Alberta; Sean Cash, University of Alberta; Vic Adamowicz, University of Alberta
  • Cost-Effective Groundwater Protection as a Dynamic Game - Juan Moreno-Cruz, University of Calgary; Theodore Horbulyk, University of Calgary

Modeling Impacts of Bio-fuel Tax Credits, Tariffs and Mandates

Moderator: Utpal Vasavada, Economic Research Service, USDA


  • Analyzing the Welfare Economics of Biofuel Policies - David Just, Cornell University; Harry de Gorter, Cornell University
  • Modeling U.S. Biofuel Policies: How Do They Work? - C. S. Kim, Economic Research Service, USDA; Stan Daberkow, ERS-USDA; Glenn Schaible, ERS/USDA
  • Biofuel Issues in a Stochastic World - [PDF] - Patrick Westhoff, FAPRI, University of Missouri; Seth Meyer, FAPRI, University of Missouri; Wyatt Thompson, FAPRI, University of Missouri

Economics of Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices I

Moderator: Emmanuel Yiridoe, Nova Scotia Agricultural College


  • Towards Enhanced Agricultural Landscape Planning - Brook Harker, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Carlyle Ross, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Terrie Scott, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Merle Boyle, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Shane Gabor, Ducks Unlimited Canada; Bruno Larue, Université Laval
  • Developing Reverse Auctions to Increase Producer Adoption of Water Quality BMPs in South Tobacco Creek - Peter Boxall, University of Alberta; Marian Weber, Alberta Research Council; Orsolya Perger, University of Alberta
  • Evaluation of BMPs in the South-Nation Watershed - Philippe Crabbe, Ottawa; Harvey Clark, Agriculture Canada; Marie-Pier Martin, University of Ottawa
  • Best Management Practices to Enhance Water Quality: Who is Adopting Them and How Do They Impact on Cost of Production? - Pascal Ghazalian, Laval University; Bruno Larue, Laval University; Gale West, Laval University

"Meat-amorphosis" - Policy Induced Transformation of the Meat Sector

Moderator: Danny LeRoy, University of Lethbridge


  • The Impacts of Renewable Energy Policies on Cattle Feeding Activities in North America - Danny LeRoy, University of Lethbridge; Amani Elobeid, Iowa State University; Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge
  • The Development of the Ontario Livestock Sector - A Strategic Policy Analysis - Al Mussell, George Morris Centre; Kevin Grier, George Morris Centre; Graeme Hedley, George Morris Centre
  • Price Transmission from Corn Market to Hog Market in Québec - [PDF] - Aïcha Coulibaly, Centre de développement du porc du Québec; Michel Morin, Centre de développement du porc du Québec
  • Benchmarking the Ontario Pork Industry - What Have We Learned? - [PDF] - Ken McEwan, University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus; Randy Duffy, University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus

Economics of Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices II

Moderator: Carlyle Ross, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada


  • Economic and Environmental Impacts of Introducing BMPs on a Small Dairy-Based Production System - Victor Afari-Sefa, Nova Scotia Agricultural College; Emmanuel Yiridoe, Nova Scotia Agricultural College; Robert Gordon, Nova Scotia Agricultural College; Dale Hebb, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Benefit-Cost of Alternative Best Management Practices for the Lower Little Bow River Basin - Steve Koeckhoven, University of Alberta; Scott Jeffrey, University of Alberta; Carlyle Ross, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Jim Unterschultz, University of Alberta; Dale Kaliel, Alberta Agriculture and Food; Elwin Smith, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Pollution Abatement in an Agricultural Landscape: Integrating Economic and Hydrologic Models - Paul Thomassin, McGill University; Laurie Baker, LB Consultants; Sebastien Rivest, McGill University
  • Implication of On-Farm Economic Impacts - Mohammad Khakbazan, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Cliff Hamilton, University of Saskatchewan; Afshin Amiraslany, University of Saskatchewan
  • Optimal Spatial Management of Farming Systems for Multiple Environmental Benefits: Evaluation and Application of SWAT Model - John Baptist Jatoe, University of Guelph; Alfons Weersink, University of Guelph; Emmanuel Yiridoe, Nova Scotia Agricultural College; Wanhong Yang, University of Guelph

Reform for Functional Foods and Natural Health Products in Canada: Impacts and Opportunities

Moderator: Al Mussell, George Morris Centre


  • Labelling of Functional Foods in Canada: A Welfare Analysis - Jill Hobbs, University of Saskatchewan; Chrysoula Parvavolidaki, University of Saskatchewn; Richard Gray, University of Saskatchewan; Stavroula Malla, University of Lethbridge
  • Opportunities for the Canadian Agri-Food Industries in Functional Foods and Natural Health Products (FFNHPs) - Maria Klimas, George Morris Centre; Cher Brethour, George Morris Centre; Delia Bucknell, George Morris Centre
  • Making the Case for Regulatory Reform: A Case Study Approach - Kate Stiefelmeyer, George Morris Centre; Maria Klimas, George Morris Centre

Market and Trade Impacts of Animal Disease Control Policies: The Case of BSE

Moderator: Parveen Setia, USDA


  • Analysis of Expected Price and Welfare Effects of the Most Recent Relaxation of U.S. BSE Import Restrictions for Canadian Cattle and Beef - Frank Fillo, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Protein Feed Market Effects of Regulatory Responses to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - Kenneth Mathews, Jr., US Department of Agriculture; Michael McConnell, US Department of Agriculture
  • An Economists' Role: Economics and Market Intelligence during the BSE Crisis - Scott Pellow, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada