2007 Principal Papers

Managing Water Scarcity - The Role Of Economic Instruments

Moderator: Henning Bjornlund, University of South Australia


  • Water Trading in an Era of Increasing Energy Prices - David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley
  • Buy, Sell, or Lease: Agricultural Water Marketing in Northern Chile - Ereney Hadjigeorgalis, New Mexico State University
  • Improving Irrigation Water Efficiency and Productivity in Southern Alberta - The Role of Economic Instruments - Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge; Henning Bjornlund, University of South Australia; Lorraine Nicol, University of Lethbridge
  • Demand and Supply Elasticity in Australian Water Markets: The Impact of Water Scarcity - Henning Bjornlund, Sarah Wheeler, and Martin Shanahan, University of South Australia

The Economic Impact of Ethanol Development In North America

Moderator: Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge


  • Current Status and the Economics of the Ethanol and Biodiesel Industries in the U.S. - Vernon Eidman, University of Minnesota
  • Status and Competitive Impacts of Ethanol Development on Canadian Livestock Industries - Al Mussell, Kate Stiefelmeyer, and Anatoliy Oginskyy, The George Morris Centre
  • Analyzing the Profitability of Ethanol Made from Wheat in Western Canada - Kurt Klein and Danny Le Roy, University of Lethbridge
  • U.S. Ethanol's Impact on Crop and Livestock Markets - Bruce Babcock, Iowa State University

Mitigating Risk Through Beneficial Management Practices

Moderator: Al Mussell, The George Morris Centre


  • An Economic Evaluation of Crop Nutrient Beneficial Management Practices in Canadian Agriculture - Cher Brethour and Beth Sparling, The George Morris Centre
  • Influence of Risk and Dynamics in the Adoption of Beneficial Management Practices - Manso Frimpong, Alfons Weersink, and Wanhong Yang, University of Guelph
  • A Conceptual Framework for Integrated Economic-hydrologic Modeling for the Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices (WEBs) - Peter Boxall, University of Alberta; Alain Rousseau, Université du Québec; Wanhong Yang, University of Guelph
  • Understanding the Distinction between Ecological Goods and Services and Beneficial Management Practices - Beth Sparling, The George Morris Centre

The Farm Level Framework For APF II: The Next Generation

Sponsored by the Farm Level Policy APRN, which is funded by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Moderators: James Unterschultz, University of Alberta; Dave Culver, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • Reflections on the APF - Objectives, Context and Results - David Sparling, Institute of Agri-Food Policy Innovation
  • Business Risk Management in the Next Generation APF: A CAIS Study - Scott Jeffrey and James Unterschultz, University of Alberta
  • An Evaluation of Environmental Policies in the Current and Upcoming Agricultural Policy Framework - Alfons Weersink, University of Guelph

Measuring Farm Household Well-Being In Canada And The United States

Moderator: Jan Dyer, Unknown

Discussant: Jill Findeis, Pennsylvania State University


  • Bridging Farm Performance and Well-being Measures in Canada and the United States - David Freshwater, University of Kentucky
  • Farm Household Well-being: A Geographical Analysis - Carol Jones, USDA-Economic Research Service
  • Variability of Farm Business Income and Farm Family Income in Canada: A Longitudinal Analysis - Robert Koroluk and Katrin Nagelschmitz, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Where Is The Leading Edge Of Farming Heading And What Does This Mean For Policy?

Moderator: James Johnson, USDA-Economic Research Service

Discussant: Douglas Hedley, Unknown


  • A Look at the Future: Million-dollar Farms in the United States - Robert Hoppe, USDA-Economic Research Service
  • The Canadian Hog/Pork Industry: Past Success and Future Challenges - Pierre Charlebois, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Drivers of Change in Farm Business Structure: Implications for Future Policy - Allan Gray and Michael Boehlje, Purdue University