2012 IAAE Conference

The International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) will hold its triennial Conference on August 18-24, 2012. The location is Foz do Iguaçu in southern Brazil - close to the immense Iguassu Falls. The Conference theme is The Global Bio-Economy.

The IAAE Conference is very well worth participating in. Canada is usually well represented on the program. This time the IAAE contributed papers process is managed by CAES member Alfons Weersink.

The Canadian "chapter" of the IAAE, named the IAAE Canadian Council, has a small fund which allows us to provide travel grants for IAAE Conference participants from Canada. At recent conferences the grants have been of the order of CAD 500-800 per recipient, depending on the extent of his/her participation in the Conference.

Please note the deadline of November 1, 2011, for submission of contributed papers and proposals for organized symposia (think October!). The same date applies for proposals for pre- and post-conferences and for learning workshops.

The Conference website is at www.itarget.com.br/newclients/sober.org.br/icae_2012/ or www.itarget.com.br/icae2012. These are the websites of the conference facilitators - the IAAE website is at www.iaae-agecon.org/.

Membership in the IAAE runs for a three-year period. For most of us the cost for the three-year period 2011-13 is USD160. For information on how to become a member or renew, please see www.iaae-agecon.org/membership/application.pdf. Canadian members of the IAAE are automatically members of the IAAE Canadian Council and are eligible to apply for the travel grants.

For more information please contact Lars Brink, Secretary-Treasurer, IAAE Canadian Council, at ph. 613-773-2435.