2008 AAEA & ACCI Joint Annual Meeting

The 2008 AAEA & ACCI Joint Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL officially begins on Sunday, July 27! You can find an outline of the meeting schedule and details about events at the meeting at http://www.aaea.org/2008am/ under the "Meeting Events" and "Meeting Schedule" tabs.

New this year, AAEA will proudly be presenting a series of highlighted paper sessions on Sunday, July 27 from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. The Sunday paper sessions showcase the broad range of topics and subject areas AAEA members are currently researching. Be sure to arrive in Orlando early enough to catch one of these sessions!

Scheduled sessions include:

  • Principal Paper/CENET Track Session: "Recent International Immigrants and their Impact on America's Rural Communities" organized by Mark Partridge, The Ohio State University and Georgeanne Artz, University of Missouri.
  • AEM Track Session: "Identifying and Developing Professional Programs and Services for Industry Members" organized by John Nichols, Texas A&M University and Walt Armbruster, Farm Foundation, President Emeritus.
  • COSBAE & EXT Jointly Sponsored Track Session: "Intersection of Agricultural Extension and Agricultural Innovations: The Case of Biofuels" organized by Duncan Chembezi, Alabama A&M University; Blondel Brinkman, USDA APHIS; and Deacue Fields, Auburn University.
  • FAMPS Track Session: "Society and Industry Perceptions of Food Safety" organized by Jayson Lusk, Oklahoma State University.
  • FSN Track Session: "HIV and AIDS, Food Security, Nutrition, and Livelihoods" organized by Paul McNamara, University of Illinois.
  • GSS Track Session: "Getting Involved: Steps to Becoming An Irresistible Applicant" organized by Ross Pruitt, Oklahoma State University.
  • IBES Track Session: "How Best to Teach Institutional and Behavioral Economics: Across the Curriculum? As Free-standing Courses? Why Bother?" organized by James Sterns, University of Florida.
  • INT Track Session: "Theoretical Analysis of Globalization, Standards, and Development" organized by Scott Rozelle, Stanford University.

There will also be a session organized by Scott Irwin, University of Illinois, discussing a timely and relevant topic. The purpose of this session is to keep the focus of the Joint Annual Meetings relevant and interesting by discussing a topic that is at the forefront of our profession. We will release more information about this session soon.

To register for the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting, visit our Web site at www.aaea.org/2008am. Be sure to register before June 23 in order to receive the best registration rates.

See you in Orlando!

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