2018 - CAES Annual Meeting


2018 CAES Annual Meeting — July 28, 2018 — Vancover, BC

The CAES is holding its 2018 annual meeting as a one-day pre-conference event of the International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE) 2018.

We invite you to join us on July 28, 2018 to take in the Presidential and Fellow addresses; the Annual Business Meeting; the Annual Awards Banquet; a session in which newly hired faculty at Canadian Ag Econ Departments as well as related government policy units, will introduce themselves and their research and policy interests/portfolios; and a Focus on Fellows session.

The last time the international event took place in Canada was in 1979 in Banff and the only other time it was held in North America was in California in 1997. Since it is unlikely to be held in Canada for another 40 years, this could be the only time in your career when the ICAE will be held in Canada.


Instead of organizing our own program, members were encouraged to submit to the ICAE 2018 professional program and take advantage this unique opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with agricultural economists from all over the world.


The submission deadline for Contributed Papers (Oral and Visual) and Organized Sessions for the ICAE program was January 15, 2018. Notification of provisional acceptance was March 23, 2018. Contact the ICAE 2018 Secretariat regarding submissions to the professional program. Contact information can be found on the conference website at ICAE 2018.


08:30-10:00 Presidential and Fellows Addresses. Presidential Address: Brady Deaton, University of Guelph. Fellows Address: James Vercammen, University of British Columbia
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 A New Generation of Agricultural Economists Revealed. Newly hired faculty at Canadian Ag Econ Departments and government policy units will introduce themselves and their research and policy interests and portfolios.
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Focus on Fellows. NAFTA in Crisis or Renewal: An Exploration of the “Elephants in the Room”.
CAES Fellow Kurt Klein (University of Lethbridge) will introduce the major developments that have affected trade between Canada and the United States over the last century and a half. A panel of Fellows will then address the “Elephants” of the NAFTA negotiations: the supply managed sector, border thickening, the softwood lumber dispute, and the prospects for Canadian agriculture. Presentations will depend on the progress of the negotiations. Audience Q&A will follow.
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-17:00 Annual Business Meeting of Membership (ABM)
19:00-21:00 Annual Awards Banquet

For information regarding the July 28 CAES Annual Meeting contact:


For registration purposes, the CAES annual meeting is treated as a free pre-conference workshop of ICAE 2018. A special link allows CAES members to register to attend the CAES one-day Annual Meeting for free without having to register for ICAE 2018. Note: You must be a CAES member or spouse of a CAES member to attend the Awards Banquet.

REGISTER HERE if you plan to attend ONLY the CAES Annual Meeting on July 28. To add a guest who will accompany you to the Annual Awards Banquet, select "2" instead of "1" at the start of the online registration process and then follow the prompts.

REGISTER HERE if you plan to attend both the CAES Annual Meeting and ICAE 2018, or only ICAE 2018. The online registration form allows you to add the CAES Annual Meeting for free. You will be contacted by email when registration closes to determine if you would like to add a guest to accompany you at the Annual Awards Banquet.

See ICAE 2018 for information on accommodation.


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