Information on Submissions


Selected Papers Submissions

Submission Deadline: Midnight PST on February 6, 2017.

Submissions on any aspect of agricultural or resource economics, including teaching, research, and/or extension are encouraged. Selected papers may be on any topic in agricultural, food or resource economics.

Registration and Membership Requirements: The presenters must be a member of the CAES and be registered for the Annual Meeting by April 25, 2017. Each member may be the primary/presenting/contact author on only one submitted abstract, but there are no limits to co-authorship on other abstracts submitted by other individuals.

Submission Instructions: Papers should be original and not submitted elsewhere for presentation. Proposals must be submitted electronically using our online system ConferenceMaker. Please note that you will need to create a user ID before you can submit an abstract; in addition, your co-authors will also need to create a user ID if you would like to include them on the submission. For your submission, you will need to copy and paste your abstract as the system does not currently accept attachments. Abstracts should be two pages or less in length with double spacing. Please do not include author names or affiliations in the abstract.

Abstract Format: The abstract should include:

  • Title
  • Problem Statement
  • Research objectives
  • Data and methods
  • Description of results or expected results and their implications
  • Description of why presentation will generate discussion at the meetings

Include the Topic Code: Please indicate the two-digit topic area code on the title page that matches the paper's contribution most closely. This will determine who reviews the paper.

  • 01 - Production economics and farm/ranch management
  • 02 - Resource and environmental economics
  • 03 - Agri-marketing, demand and price analysis
  • 04 - Agribusiness
  • 05 - Agricultural finance
  • 06 - Quantitative and research methods
  • 07 - International trade and development
  • 08 - Consumer and household economics
  • 09 - Food agricultural policy
  • 10 - Community and regional economics
  • 11 - Teaching and extension issues
  • 12 - Agricultural industry organization
  • 13 - Other

Selection: Selection will be based on input from blind peer reviews. Authors will be advised on the status of their proposals by the middle of April 2017.

Contact: The Program Chair for the 2017 Annual Meeting is Henry An, Department of Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta. Please direct all inquires and correspondence to Henry at .

Graduate Student Paper Competition

Graduate wishing to participate in the competition must indicate their desire to take part while submitting their abstracts through the electronic submission system described above.

Selection: Students papers and oral presentations will be judged by three faculty members. Cash prizes will be presented to the top three during the Annual Awards Banquet on June 19, 2017.

Eligibility and Deadlines: To participate a student must:

  • Be the lead author on the selected paper
  • Indicate during the submission process (due February 6) that the paper is to be considered in the competition
  • Be a member of CAES and registered for the conference by April 25
  • Submit a final paper to Hnery An by May 30
  • Present the paper in person at the CAES meetings in Montreal, QC

Contact: Please direct all inquires regarding the competition to Henry An at .

Organized Session Proposals

Organized sessions provide an opportunity to explore ideas that are relevant to the CAES and agricultural economics discipline. We are particularly interested in exploring novel formats, new ideas and broader engagement strategies. We welcome members to make the most of this opportunity.

Registration and Membership Requirements: At least one author must be a member of CAES, and the author making the presentation at the Meeting must be a member of CAES and be registered for the Annual Meeting by April 25, 2017.

Proposal Instructions: Organized Symposia Proposals must not exceed 1000 words and should be submitted as a PDF file with double spacing. Papers should be original and not submitted elsewhere for presentation. The format is open and may involve panel discussions of prepared questions, debates, roundtable meetings, or other formats. Proposals must include the following information:

  • Session title
  • Description of the topic, including why it will generate discussion
  • Description of the format
  • List of session participants, including the role each will play in the session
  • List of paper/presentation titles, including all authors and affiliations

How to Submit: Organized sessions proposals should be emailed in PDF format to CAES President Alan Ker at before midnight PST on February 6, 2017. Please put "CAES 2017 Organized Session Proposal" in the subject line of the submission email.

Selection: A committee headed by the CAES President will evaluate the proposals. Final selection of proposals will be based on a clearly worded rationale for the proposed organized symposium.

Authors will be advised on the status of their proposal(s) by the middle of April 2017.

Contact: CAES President Alan Ker, Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Guelph, .