2016 Organized Symposia

CAES Symposia

Focus on Fellows: Trade
Organized by Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge
Wed, June 22, 8:30 am

Moderator: Glenn Fox (University of Guelph)

Food security concerns to 2050 - Importance of increased international trade and agricultural productivity, Alex McCalla, University of California, Davis (retired)

Improving prospects for agriculture and food security through international trade - The free traders win the arguments but the protectionists get the votes, W. A. Kerr, University of Saskatchewan

Improving agricultural productivity security - What's the evidence? Richard Barichello, University of British Columbia and K. K. Klein, University of Lethbridge

Discussants: Terry Veeman (University of Alberta - retired) and Glenn Fox (University of Guelph)

Food Health
Organized by Sven Anders, University of Alberta
Wed, June 22, 8:30 am

The Impact of Nutritional Supplement Choices on Diet Behavior and Obesity Outcomes, Sven Anders and Christiane Schroeter

Changes in Food Retail Market Structure and Household Produce Purchases, Xiaowei Cai, Christiane Schroeter, Richard Volpe and Lisa Mancino

Demand for Soda and the Economic Effects of the Soda Tax in Mexico, Jose Nuno Ledesma and Joseph V. Balagtas

Linking the climate impact of U.S. household food expenditures and food-related travel to household characteristics, nutrition, health, and food affordability, Rebecca Boehm, Sean B. Cash, Michele L. Ver Ploeg, Parke E. Wilde and Christine Costello

CAPI: Synthesis of Policy Workshops and Next Steps
Organized and Chaired by Tulay Yildirim, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI)
Wed, June 22, 10:30 am

Present synthesis report from 3 workshops (Innovation, Trade and Globalization, Environment and Health) held in the winter-spring of 2016 on policy research as Canada negotiates the next envelope of joint Federal/Provincial agri-food policies. A facilitated discussion with interested CAES members, which will focus on future research priorities and new models of engagement.

CAPI Policy Dialogue-2016, Tulay Yildirim, CAPI

A Medium Term Policy research Agenda, Bruno Larue, Canada Research Chair in International Agri-Food Trade, Laval University

Towards a New Model of Policy Engagement, John Cranfield, Chair Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Guelph

Agricultural Research
Organized by Deepananda Herath
Wed, June 22, 1:30 pm

A symposium to discuss economic and historical institutional aspects for the future design of a national coordinating mechanism for agricultural research. The discussion will explore the reasons for success and failures of various forms of institutional structures that coordinate or have coordinated agricultural research activities in Canada and other countries and will also contribute to current policy discourse about creating such institutional framework. The symposium is to create interest among agricultural economists and other stakeholders.

Research Policy: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Dr. Douglas Hedley (Fellow, Canadian Agricultural Economic Society, retired Assistant Deputy Minister Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Clashing Realities with Multiple Funders: Stakeholder Incentives for Forward Looking versus Near Market Agriculture Research, Dr. Ron DePauw (retired Senior Principal Wheat Breeder of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Building a National Research Network - Lessons Learned, Professor Rickey Yada (Dean of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia)

How Federal and Local Resources Support a National System of Agricultural Research, Education, and Extension in the U.S: National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Otto Gonzalez (Director, Center for International Programs, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Food Security
Organized by Jill Hobbs, University of Saskatchewan
Thurs, June 23, 10:30 am

Cereal consumption and response to shocks in developing countries: implications for public stockholding policies and food security, T. Nakuja, University of Saskatchewan

The effects of untying Canadian food assistance on the price sensitivity of commodity procurement decisions, J. Biney and R. Cardwell, University of Manitoba

Addressing food insecurity and the nutrition agenda through innovative ready-to-use food products and regional supply chains, L.F. Clark and J. E. Hobbs, University of Saskatchewan

WAEA Symposia

Trends in US Agritourism: Exploring Traveler Behavior and Producer Strategies
Organized and Moderated by Rebecca Hill, Colorado State University
Wed, June 22, 10:30 am

The Symposium will be structured as a set of coordinated papers, with a moderator motivating the session (5 minutes), followed by 3 papers presented (approximately 20 minutes for each), followed by a discussant (10 minutes) and 15 minutes remaining for questions and group discussion.

Paper Presenters: Shermain Hardesty, UC-Davis; Kathleen Liang, University of Vermont; Martha Sullins; Colorado State University

Panel: Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness in Agribusiness through Student Engagement
Organized by Dr. Rachna Tewari, University of Tennessee at Martin
Thurs, June 23, 8:30 am

Enhancing Student Comprehension via Interactive Class Structures, Kelly Lange, Texas Tech U; Rachna Tewari,The University of Tennessee at Martin; and Bridget Guerrero, West Texas A&M University

Enriching Students' Learning Experience in Theoretical Agribusiness Courses: Are Group Projects Effective? Rachna Tewari, The University of Tennessee at Martin; Joey Mehlhorn, The University of Tennessee at Martin; and Kelly Lange, Texas Tech University

Adopting Teaching Strategies to Accommodate Different Learning Styles, Amanda M. Countryman, Colorado State University

Water Management and Economic Benefits
Organized by Dr. Sian Mooney, Arizona State University and Dr. Kelly Cobourn , Virgina Tech

Thurs, June 23, 1:30 am

A joint CAES/WAEA symposium focused around the topic of water management and economic benefits. Water management, and use, are critical to agricultural production and play an important role in the economies of the western US and Canada.

Moderator: Dr. Sian Mooney (Arizona State University)

Presenters: Dr. Kelly Cobourn,Virginia Tech; Dr. Suren Kulshreshtha, University of Saskatchewan; and Dr. Duncan MacEwan, ERA Economics

Discussant: Dr. Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge