Session Chairs

Session chairs should allocate time to individual paper presentations and paper discussions in an equal and fair manner. Sessions are to commence on time, and papers should be delivered in the sequence in which they appear in the conference program. For a typical 3-paper 90-minute session, each presenter should be given 18-20 minutes for the presentation, followed by a 5-8 minute discussion period overseen by the session chair. The session chair will keep time and will signal to the presenters how much time is left at appropriate points. If a speaker extends a presentation for more than 2 minutes past the mark, the chair is allowed to cut off a speaker and proceed to the next presentation.

Session chairs are kindly asked to take notes during their sessions about (a) the attendance; (b) timeliness of the session speakers; (c) adequacy of the presentation tools and available facilities; and (d) any unusual or noteworthy facts that should be brought to the attention of the conference organizer or on-site organizer.