2008 - CAES-NAREA Annual Meeting, Québec City

The 2008 CAES Annual Meeting will be held in Québec City, Québec in conjunction with the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association.

Please refer to the Conference Website for complete information on all Conference Activities including Location, Venue, Accommodation, Registration, Program and Paper Submission.

Location and Dates Québec City, Québec, Sunday, June 29 – Tuesday, July 2, 2008
Conference Program - [PDF] CAES, NAREA and Joint activities are outlined. To view a list of CAES Principle Papers, please click [HERE].
Venue Hôtel Hilton Québec
Accommodation Rooms have been blocked at the Hôtel Hilton Québec.
Please see Conference Website for other accommodation options.
Registration Advanced registration is available at a reduced rate. Privacy Policy.

CAES Selected Papers presented at the annual meeting that were submitted to AgEcon Search may be accessed and downloaded from AgEcon Search. At AgEcon Search please select "Canadian Agricultural Econonics Society - [year] and click "Select Institution". At "Select Search Options" click "Display all Records for the Institution".