2007 - AAEA-CAES-WAEA Annual Meeting, Portland

The 2007 CAES Annual Meeting will be held in Portland, Oregon in conjunction with the American Agriculture Economics Association (AAEA) and the Western Agricultural Economics Association (WAEA), on July 29 - August 1, 2007.

Location Portland, Oregon
Dates July 29, to August 1, 2007
Session Papers 2007 Principle Papers / Selected Papers
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Registration and accomodation details will be available on the AAEA website

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CAES Call for Papers - Deadline January 15th, 2007

Link to Community of Science (COS) website to submit abstracts

First time COS users are strongly urged to submit their abstracts well
in advance of the deadline, as all submissions must be received through this system by January 15.

CAES Principle Papers To view a list of CAES Principle Papers, please click [HERE].
CAES Selected Papers CAES Selected Papers presented at the annual meeting that were submitted to AgEcon Search may be accessed and downloaded from AgEcon Search. At AgEcon Search please select "Canadian Agricultural Econonics Society - [year] and click "Select Institution". At "Select Search Options" click "Display all Records for the Institution".